Monday, 24 October 2011

The End

Now that we have a good web-site with regular weekly news on it, and given the absence of inter-activity we have needed or enjoyed on this blog over the last four years, we have decided to shut it down.

If you want an event publicising to Trendlewood Church please ask Mark Austin or myself to put it on the website.

If you now wish to subscribe to the Trendlewood Church weekly email please contact me:

The Trendlewood Church web-site can be found at:

Thanks for your custom and good night. This blog will be left up as an archive of the last four years.

Steve Tilley

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Weekly News for October 9th

Dear All,

The two evenings spent this with Bob Clucas on an Old Testament overview and on the life of King David were fascinating and totally captivating. Do make sure you catch him next time he is in town.

Tomorrow night there is still room to sign up for the men's event Beer Bible and Big Pizza, in the Trinity Centre at 8.00 p.m. You don't have to like beer to come; there will be an alternative. It will be good and lively.

On Saturday 8th October at 7.30 p.m. in The Trinity Centre, Holy Trinity Church, Nailsea, Ed will introduce the work of Mercy Ships.

Last week I spoke of the first temple and how it deliberately included a 'Court of the Gentiles.' There is a strong theme throughout the Bible of welcome to the outsider. That God is not just for Jew or chosen people but for all. And nowhere is it spelt out more clearly than in Isaiah. In 49:5-7 the prophet is told that simply restoring the people of Israel would be 'too small a thing.'

This Sunday we will make our offerings to the Trinity Project Part II. Whilst there is a current focus on buildings the whole project is that our church might better engage with, and serve, the local community, those we might call 'outsiders.' Michelle will preach and Mike will lead. I will be at Christ Church.

I will be away the following week and I am due to preach at Southfield Church on 23/10.

Have a good time without me.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Weekly News for October 2nd

It was good to hear about God's abundant generosity from Ed last Sunday. We approach the time when we need to make our commitments to the Trinity Project and Sunday 9th October will include the collection of pledges and gifts as part of our act of worship that day. First, this Sunday we will look at the wider implications of the Trinity project in terms of our local community and 'Salvation for the Outsider.' How did those barriers between Jew and gentile get broken down? And what are the modern equivalents?

Over the following few days we will have another focus on prayer, although there are also lots of splendid events next week to get involved in too:

Monday 3rd Bob Clucas does his Old Testament overview at my house.

Tuesday 4th he does a session on David. If you haven't been to one of his sessions before best to start with Monday.

Let me know if you are coming to either of these.

Wednesday 5th is the Central Prayer meeting at Holy Trinity.

Thursday 6th is the Beer, Bible and Big Pizza men's event at the Trinity Centre at 8.00 p.m. Again please let me know if you are coming and bringing a guest. Our own Andrew Slade and Richard Calverley are two of the people who will be joining me for a discussion about the Bible. I haven't heard of many coming yet so it would put my mind at rest to know some were.

Finally Pauline reminds me:

TRENDLEWOOD SOCIAL – Saturday 8th October 7.30 in the Trinity Centre.

An opportunity to hear about ‘Mercy Ships’ and the work that Ed and Ruth do to support them. Socialise afterwards over ‘bring and share’ Cheese and Wine. Please bring a piece of cheese and some drinks. Bread, Crackers and Chutneys will be provided. Do invite friends and neighbours to what should be an interesting evening.

Looks like a busy and prayerful week. Hope whatever you get involved in is helpful.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Weekly News for Sunday 25th September

The golfer Arnold Palmer tells a story that someone once accused him of being a lucky putter. It seemed more of his putts dropped than average, rather than that infuriating business of circling the hole and then staying out. His reply to this accusation? 'The more I practice, the luckier I get.'

I think that for Christians we make our luck by praying. I was delighted that nine people gathered last week for our first dedicated Trendlewood prayer meeting for quite a while. I get the impression, from a number of conversations, that things are happening as a result.

This Sunday sees several exciting things:

It is Harvest. Any cash in the collection will go to the Water Project and we will also see that gifts of dry and tinned food will go to the Julian Trust to use at the Bristol Night Shelter. It is the second in our series looking at God's generosity and Ed will take us through the parable of the Sower in Luke (a good harvest reading too).

It is Back-to-Church Sunday. Why not invite someone to come along with you this week? Or get in touch with someone you haven't seen for a while and get them to come along (offer them a lift?).

Our link missionaries Peter and Jane Nott will be joining us and bringing us up to date with their work and future plans.

I have heard from Golden Valley School that, due to several security issues, they are going to be putting a fence around the school site. If you want to look at the plans they will be on display at the school on Tuesday 27/9 3.50 - 7.00 and Thursday 29/9 3.50 - 6.00. All stakeholders are welcome.

The next Men's Breakfast will be on Saturday 1 October 2011 at Mark's house. That means we will be finished in time for the England v Scotland match, which kicks off at 9.30.

If you can come please let Mark know.

The week after on 3rd and 4th October Bob Clucas will be doing two of his excellent Bible overview sessions. For those who haven't been before Monday is the place to start. For those who heard him last time Tuesday is a different piece of teaching. My house. 7.30 for 7.45. Let me know if you are coming.

And then on the Thursday 6th its Beer, Bible and Big Pizza for men. Trinity Centre at 8.00 to hear our own Richard Calverley and (subject to work commitments) Andrew Slade join me and Trinity College's Paul Roberts on a sofa to talk about the Bible. Should be a great event to invite a male friend too. No cringe; just conversation.

For those keeping up with the Trinity Project has the latest building details and architect's pictures.

Phew. I'm exhausted. And that's just emailing about it all not doing it. Busy. Or maybe we just got lucky.

See you Sunday.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Trendlewood Weekly News

Does prayer make a difference? I believe it does. Tonight sees the first of a new monthly Trendlewood prayer meeting 8.30 - 9.30 at 15 Bude Close (thanks Pam). There will be no coffee, no long intros and no delay in starting so please be prompt if you can. Just an hour's prayer specifically for the growth and development of our church.

This will now take place every month on the third Thursday at the same time.

Tomorrow night is Cafe Create at the Trinity Centre. Richard Calverley will be playing, newcomer Rob Warren will sing and headline act is a marvellous acoustic duo called Paper Shades. 7.30-11.00 with fair trade cafe bar and cool lounge vibe. Great place to introduce guests and visitors to the unchurchy life of the church.

It's busy busy this week because Saturday is tramp supper (if you are involved you will know by now).

On Sunday Michelle will be leading our communion service and Pauline Daniels will be making a presentation about part two of the Trinity Project appeal. I will be preaching (briefly) on trusting God and generosity in response. I've also asked Sally Buddle to come along and tell us what is involved in being a Community Governor at Golden Valley School, a position she will relinquish this autumn.

See you at something? Sure hope so.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weekly News for September 11th

Dear Trendlewoodians,

Many people are away this weekend, some at the Jesus Surf Classic at Croyde others just having holiday or visiting relatives. Our morning service will be in the capable hands of Denise who will introduce the book of Romans, which will be the subject of our study later in the term.

I will be on duty at Christ Church as it is the second Sunday of the month.

The Trendlewood Committee meets on Monday at my house at 7.30 for 7.45.

On Thursday 15th September we begin a new and important event.

The monthly Trendlewood prayer meeting will be held at Pam on the 3rd Thursday of each month 8.30. to 9.30 p.m.

The plan is, no drinks, no preamble, just do business with the Lord for an hour. This time will include silent prayer, prayer for leadership, for Golden Valley School and all who belong there and praying for specific roads and working through the map. There will be time for personal issues and calling on God to break through into the area and for growth.

The following night (Friday 16th) is Cafe Create with live music from Paper Shades.

Then the progressive supper the following night (Saturday 17th).

Exciting times.

This text will also appear on the web site


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Weekly News for Sunday 4th September

Hi everyone,

We start back into our autumn term on Sunday with a chance to look at where we are and where we are going. I will be asking everyone who has a task or ministry at Trendlewood to stand and be prayed for as we embark on a new academic year. I will be preaching a sort of 'State-of-the-Nation' sermon based on Luke 10 and Jesus sending out the 72. Pauline and Martin will be leading us. Josh will be around to meet with the young people but I'll give him a one minute grilling first.

After that don't forget the Trendlewood Shared Lunch after the service starting at 12.45. As usual singles and couples please bring either a savoury or a sweet dish and families please bring one of each. Bring your own plates, cutlery, drinks etc. Coffee and tea will be served after the meal.

SIGN UP THIS SUNDAY for the Progressive Supper on Saturday 17th September. This year we have the theme of holiday destinations so try and serve a dish from a place you've been to on holiday.

All details are on the attachment so you can get in touch with Roger at He is planning to give out course allocations etc on Sunday 11th.

An advance notice to members of the Trendlewood Committee that we meet on Monday 12th September. If you have an item you would like the Committee to discuss please tell me or Lindsay.

If you are a man I will possibly see you at the Old Farmhouse for breakfast on Saturday.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weekly News for August 28th

Dear All,

The vague hint of autumn on the breeze turns into the reality of autumn before Bank Holiday weekend. That was summer folks. Hope it was a good one for you.

So this Sunday sees the last of our all-age summer specials on the life of Moses. We think about the promise land. What did it mean in Moses' day to hang onto a promise and keep your eyes fixed on a goal? And what does that mean for us today?

I hope you've found our summer series special, enjoyable, and inter-active. As ever, if you have any feedback please let me know. Some of you might remember that one of the specific tasks in my job description when I arrived here was to improve our all-age worship. How are we doing? What could still be better?

On Sunday week (4/9) I want to launch our new term with a few words of encouragement and vision about the year to come. Josh Howard will be joining us to outline the exciting plans for our work with 11-18s over the coming months. In the early part of our service we're going to include a commissioning for ministry for all those who have jobs to do at Trendlewood. A reminder therefore that we always need people as pray-ers, readers, coffee makers, chair-putter-outers and doers of all sorts of other tasks. Ask how you can serve if you want to do more.

Two social events to draw to your attention:


A shared lunch at the start of a new term and as we come back together after the summer holidays. Please note the new date because of the Jesus Surf Classic at Croyde the following weekend.

The usual arrangements apply: singles and couples please bring either a savoury or a sweet dish and families please bring one of each, bring your own plates, cutlery, drinks etc. and we will have a few spares for visitors. Coffee and tea will be served after the meal.

Progressive Supper
Saturday 17th September. A sign up sheet will be at Trendlewood on the next 2 Sundays or contact Roger directly.

See you on Sunday.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Trendlewood Weekly News

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the typical English summer that makes our land
green and pleasant. If the Eskimos have many words for snow we should
have as many for grey. Anyway be grateful, the rain was probably the
major factor in stopping the riots last week.

This week it is our monthly communion service and Michelle will be
leading things and presiding. I will be helping us to think about the
next stage of Moses' life - the giving of the 10 commandments. If you
have ever wondered about making the punishment fit the crime, or what
commandments we would invent if we were starting over, Golden Valley
school at 1015 is the place to be. Since my book was about the
commandments watch out for me selling it again. (£7).

After church, for those who are around, some people will be taking
their own picnic to Ashton Court to eat together followed by time to
go for a walk, play games or just chat. There’s no need to ‘sign up’,
just meet in the main car park near the mansion (entrance via Bower
Ashton) at 1.00 p.m. There are picnic benches to the left of the car
park but supplementary chairs would be useful. There are nice
toilets....and ice creams. Liz and I cannot be there as we are
welcoming her former boss and his family for lunch on their way to
their holiday. Warning, if you come to our house at all, they are
leaving their labrador with us for a fortnight.

In the last five years we have sung over 300 different songs at
Trendlewood Church. That is fabulous variety but I suspect there are
great new ones out there we are missing. If you hear a new song at a
festival or conference, or online, on TV or radio, please tell the
musicians about it. If you need to buy a CD or music book our budget
will refund you. I'd love our use of new worship songs to take off
again. Also, if you have a favourite song, do make that fact known.
Derek, Richard and Sarah choose the music most weeks. Sometimes, when
you just can't think of the last song to include it is nice to add one
simply because you know someone will appreciate it.

The Bardell-Coxes have moved. Who said 'At last?' Take a detention.
Their new address is in the weekly email.

Although they are moving to the blunt end of the parish I am assured
they will still be Trendlewooding.

Pray for our friends at Christ Church and Tickenham who are
interviewing a candidate for Rector today.

See you Sunday. I'm doing 9.00 at Holy Trinity first so I'll be a last
minute arrival.

With love,


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Weekly News for Sunday 14/8

Hi everyone,

Well done to all who were involved in ministry last week. Great photo on the blog of a good men's breakfast at Fred's and a brief article by me of how the Lord sorted the weather on Sunday morning so it was precisely what we needed. I've heard lots of good feedback to the way our marquee all-age service worked. Thanks especially to our musicians who had a tough job and were great. Also those who came early to help set up.

Michelle is leading everything on Sunday and our journey through Moses' life reaches the Exodus. She promises blood on the doorposts. Be very afraid. Be prepared to be asked if you can remember all the plagues of Egypt in order.

I will be doing my monthly stint at Christ Church this Sunday, preaching and presiding at three communions.

It has been a sad week in the life of our country and I know many of you are praying for peace in and around our towns and cities. As a dedicated user of social media I can tell you that there are far more good tweets than bad out there but let's not be complacent but keep on praying. Pray especially for the few apparently unemployed, uneducated and badly parented young people who are giving the vast majority of the good young people in this country a bad reputation.

A reminder that a week on Sunday we have a picnic at Ashton Court. Details on blog, web-site and last week's email.

I'll be out of town Monday and Tuesday next week, doing a bit of work on the Godstuff charity and getting some personal support and mentoring.

Have a good week.


Message from the Diocese

There is a photo in the foyer of Holy Trinity of the man described in the following piece from the Diocese:

To: Clergy, Churchwardens and Parish Administrators

The Avon and Somerset Constabulary have been in touch to warn us of a fraudster who seems to be targeting church members up and down the country.

His method of operation is normally to approach elderly lone persons, stating he is a priest from Ireland and has broken down. He states he needs cash to get the vehicle repaired to get to a funeral/ home etc. He calls at their home addresses and has obviously done his homework - perhaps by attending church - as they are generally linked to the local church in some way. Because of this, they part with varying amounts of cash.

This male may attend local churches and try to identify potential parish members who he can contact and request money from.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Whether God

There has been a lot of discussion about praying for weather. Anthony Bush annually asks people to pray for sun for the harvest; Phil Williams for Skate or Surf Competitions. I sometimes find it hard to see how the various prayers can be rationalised but God seems to muddle through.

Yesterday a weather miracle took place. You may not have noticed.

Trendlewood Church had been invited to hold its morning service at the Nailsea Flower Show with the strict understanding that we could have speakers and musicians under cover but the congregation would need to be outside. In the event of adverse weather I had been told we had to return to our normal place of meeting, the school hall next door.

From about 4.30 a.m. I heard heavy showers followed by silence. When I woke and examined the skies it looked as if the day's weather would be hard to call. The BBC weather animation had a gap of three hours when there would be no rain between 1000 and 1300 so it looked as if we might be OK. We wanted to have our service at the show as a bit of a witness and a sales pitch. Trendlewood Church has no building and so it can be Nailsea's best kept secret.

At 9.00 the blue skies arrived and a band of clear sky was coming our way. It looked good. One of the organisers told us that it would be OK to move into the tent if it started to rain during the service. We opted for outdoors.

As I welcomed everyone and offered an introduction at 1015 the heavens opened. A band of black cloud anticipated to be missing us had other ideas. So we spent five minutes moving in to the marquee we had wanted to use all along. A good number of bystanders joined us and visitors to the show at the far end of the marquee could see and hear us.

I can't understand sometimes why there is hunger in the world if God is working on the micro scale of the weather over Nailsea's School field. What I can be sure of is that we got the exact weather we needed to do what we wanted and needed to do.

The organisers were happy and want us back next year. Result. To the sixty or so who came (almost double the corresponding Sunday last year) I offer grateful thanks.

Now. Can you remember the ten plagues of Egypt in order? I bet you can.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Men's Breakfast

Trendlewood men (and a guest Baptist) doing what Trendlewood men do best - eating. The full English breakfast in a nice English garden. If you are prompted to join in then ask Fred to tell you about September's. Guests, friends and neighbours always welcome.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Weekly News for August 7th

Dear All,

If you are back from holiday I hope you had a good time; if your are about to leave then I wish you travelling mercies and a great whatever-you-do-on holiday time.

For those of us around on Sunday it will be a bit different. Our morning all-age service will (weather permitting) be held at the Nailsea Flower Show on the Golden Valley Playing Field at 1015.

As we start just before people arrive at the show we will have a separate entrance. If you tell people you have come to the church service they will let you in early.

Could you bring either a picnic rug/mat or chairs to sit on please.

I am a bit disappointed that the Show's publicity doesn't include our service despite having agreed this with them four months ago. I have registered a moan. We are going to be putting up a poster on Saturday which should attract some people. It may be the sort of Sunday service where some people come and go rather than stay the whole time. It may also instil confidence in others that we can do a good job and lead to better publicity next year. Please pray.

I think it might be prudent and polite if we purchased our post-church refreshments from the Flower Show vendors so please bring some change with you. We can do free squash for the children.

Before that there is an opportunity for a men's breakfast at Fred's on Saturday. Let him know if you can come.

Pauline and Sue say:

For those who are around the next social opportunity is on Sunday 21st August.

'The plan is for people to bring their own picnic to Ashton Court to eat together followed by time to go for a walk, play games or just chat. There’s no need to ‘sign up’, just meet in the main car park near the mansion (entrance via Bower Ashton). There are picnic benches to the left of the car park but supplementary chairs would be useful. There are nice toilets....and ice creams.

'Pauline and Sue are both away that day so can someone volunteer to be the co-ordinator? All you need to do is remind people at church that day, make your phone number available to people and be there at the stated time.'

We will start the new term with a shared lunch at the school on September 4th. It was going to be the following week but quite a few people will be away with Christian Surfers that weekend.

Talking of Christian Surfers, Annie and Phil's son Joe had an accident skateboarding at New Wine in Stafford. He had to have surgery on a serious cut to his leg. Phil says he 'took one for the team' but it sounds nasty so I'm sure your prayers would be valued.

See you Sunday. Pray for gaps in the rain showers.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Weekly News for Sunday 31st July

Hi everyone,

It was good to spend some time last week pondering how we trust God to bring a chink of hope into darkness. Starting with the despair a mother must have felt that her only hope was to put her baby into the River Nile in a basket we prayed for a number of people and situations which seemed particularly bleak last Sunday.

Our prayers for the people of Norway need to continue. Our giving to the East African famine appeal seems to have been generous as ever. Results will be on the notice sheet but if you took a yellow envelope away last week do use it and return it this Sunday. At the last count I was told we had reached £1,700.

This week we look at Moses and the Burning Bush. A comic once said, 'It was the greatest interview ever until Lois Lane got Superman.'

The week after (7/8) our service will be part of the Nailsea Flower show and, weather permitting, will be on the field next to Golden Valley School. If you are on a rota that day please make sure you are available or have swapped. It will be really helpful if any folk can add numbers to the set up team from 9.00 a.m. and if you could bring any portable camping or garden chairs and rugs. The service will be short, will include one or two more traditional items for the benefit of our guests and the most important part of it will be mingling with the flower show folk afterwards. We need to sell our church.

I'll be emailing duty people about this soon as much will be different to usual.

Meantime, thanks for all you do and have a good week until we meet.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Weekly News for Sunday 24th July

Dear All,

This Sunday we begin our summer series of all-age services looking at the life of Moses. We have followed the end of his days as we have wandered through Deuteronomy this last term. Now we will look at the key episodes from the whole of his life. So this week we start with Exodus 1&2 and the baby in the bullrushes.

Big thanks to Roger and Sandie for a lovely drinks party last Saturday night and a good mix of church and neighbours.

Congratulations to Mike and Sarah Bird who celebrate their Silver Wedding anniversary this week.

It is my monthly Quiet Day at 29 Vynes way next Thursday and, as of today, I still have 2 or 3 places.

We advertised for people to help with the projection rota on Sunday and had two volunteers. Many thanks. We could still do with another couple of coffee makers though. Any offers?

Mike Hitchins and I will be putting together the October - January rota during August. If you know of days you will not be available please email both of us:

Remember you can post things to Trendleblog, put them on the web-site or in the weekly email if you have an event or news you want publicising of relevance to the Trendlewood team.

Please also make sure that everyone who should get it is on the mailing list. I am happy to send it to several different family members separately. That's the beauty of email.

By the same token let me know if you want to be removed from the circulation list.

If you are off on holiday soon have a great break.

With love from your Associate Vicar


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Weekly News for 17th July

Hi everyone,

After three Sundays of holiday, one of our weekend away, the ordination service and a regular Sunday at Christ Church and Tickenham the unfamiliar bloke leading this Sunday's communion service will be your vicar. Be nice to him. He will be late as he is starting the day by presiding at the Holy Trinity 9.00 a.m. communion.

Denise will be finishing our Deuteronomy series by speaking of the death of Moses. It will also be our last service of the term before we have a series of all-age services and activities. Our summer services are usually shorter, punchier, more inter-active and suitable for all ages. We will go back to the beginning of Moses' life and follow the key moments from his story again:

24/7 Moses as a baby

31/7 Moses and the burning bush

7/8 Moses and the plagues (Flower festival)

14/8 Moses and the Exodus

21/8 Moses and the commandments

28/8 Moses and the promised land

Before all that some social events:

This Friday evening Cafe Create is in the Trinity Centre with live music, poetry and comedy. 7.30 - 11.00 with the usual lounge vibe and fair trade cafe bar.

This Saturday evening drinks and nibbles at Roger and Sandi's house. A nice relaxing evening for all.

See you at one of these things I hope? I'll maybe wear a red carnation and carry a rolled up copy of the News of the World.

Much love,

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sunday July 10th

Hi Everyone,

It was great last Sunday to be at Frances Trickey's ordination at Wells Cathedral and part of the commending of her to her curacy at Wraxall. It was a lovely day although if you don't already know my views on cathedral worship have a peek at this post on my personal blog.

I am coming to end of a long run of not being at the church I am primarily responsible for. This Sunday I will be preaching/presiding at Christ Church at 8.30 and then preaching/baptising at Tickenham at 10.30 and preaching/presiding at Tickenham's 6.30. Hopefully I will then have a few uninterrupted Sundays at Trendlewood.

This Sunday at Golden Valley Michelle is preaching as we come towards the end of our series on Deuteronomy. (Denise will be wrapping it up the week afterwards.) Our new youth worker Josh Howard and his wife Jo will be with us so do look out for them.

Before that a reminder that Saturday is Nailsea Skate Competition day. If you are not already involved wander along in the afternoon for a chat and a burger. Or get your face painted.

Pauline says:

'There are small group Lunches this Sunday, 10th July. If you think you signed up to be involved in a lunch group and haven't heard where you are going, please get in touch with Pauline or Sue as soon as possible.'

I do commend this idea to you. Liz and I are looking forward to welcoming some of our neighbours and some church folk.

The mighty Trendlewood social machine continues within a week. Again Pauline says:

'Bring and Share Drinks and Nibbles, from 7.30 p.m. on Saturday 16th July at Roger and Sandie’s house. No need to sign up in advance; just bring something to drink and a plate of finger food. This is an ideal event to invite some friends to.'

Exciting times, with one more to add. First Sunday in August we will be sharing our 1015 service with the Nailsea Flower Show on the School Field next door. Marquee time. Prayer first though please.

Bless you all,


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weekly News for 19th June

This Sunday is Communion. Michelle will be leading and presiding. Ed will be preaching on Deuteronomy 12:1-32 (One Place of Worship).

Next week there is no service at Golden Valley. Holy Trinity's morning service will be at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. You need to get a pass tag from the Parish Office if you want to go.

There is a meeting on the evening of Thursday 23/6 at my house for all those interested in thinking through how we use Alpha. See Parish News for details.

Don't forget to look regularly at our web-site and offer content to Mark if you want to advertise, publicise or testify.

On July 3rd Frances will be ordained deacon at Wells Cathedral ready to be curate at Wraxall and Failand. Hooray.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Weekly News for 12th June

This Sunday at our Morning Worship, 10315 at Golden Valley School, Nailsea, Mike H is leading and Michelle preaching on Deuteronomy 9:1-6 (Judgement on Whom?). Our children's groups will be up and running again after half-term. It is also the start of another week of prayer for the Trinity Project. Do sign up. But more important, do pray a bit extra this week.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Trendlewood Weekly News

This Sunday we have a second all-age service at the end of half-term and Esther and the young people will be leading us in a cafe style service. We spend a second week on Joshua, Moses' successor and look at the whole business of being a spy 3,000 years ago. No, there's nothing modern about being a Bond or a Bourne.

Before that, on Saturday June 4th is the next men's breakfast so do reply to that text you received inviting you.

A few bits of housekeeping. Firstly car-park safety. We've noticed that the cars parked in the playground can be hazardous to small children and would like to encourage strongly that all those who park there do so by initially reversing up to the grass. Then, when you pull away later, you will not be in danger of having a small child in a blind spot. Thanks.

We have researched the possibility of getting more Bibles and leaving them at the school but that isn't possible at the moment. Can I encourage more and more of you to bring your own Bible to church. You then have my full permission to complain if you are not referred to it enough.

Our rotas are, once again, stretched to bursting point as one of our regular projectionists has stood down. We are very reliant, in a church without service books and hymn books, on our faithful projectionists. Why not sit in with one and watch what they do? You will not be thrown in the deep end and full training will be given if you wish to start serving in this way.

One or two ideas the Trendlewood committee threw around last night about growth. Do any of them catch your imagination? Let me, or one of the Committee, know:

Holiday Club at the school
Messy Church
Christmas pantomime

Your committee members are:

Mike B


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Weekly News for Sunday 29th May

Dear Trendlewoodians,

Today we had the first of two all-age services on Joshua. Those God calls he will equip.

I am only working two days next week (Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to catch me) and then am on holiday for a while. Contact the Parish Office for anything urgent.

The Trendlewood Committee meets on Tuesday night 31st May so grab a rep if you have comments about our move or anything to do with Trendlewood life.

On Saturday June 4th there is another men's breakfast. You should have received a text about this.

On June 5th Esther will be leading us in a café style service.

Hope you have a great week.

Easter Communion Table

Here are the images of the Easter Communion table when the children brought various other symbolic items and placed them there.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Weekly News

Dear Trendlewoodians,

Lots off weekly news this week, beginning with the mysterious case of the half-vanished cake container. This is neither a Mark Haddon novel nor a new Harry Potter film. Ruth Sheffield summarises the mystery as:

'Ed brought an apple cake to the shared lunch in April and found at the end of the meal the base to the tin wasn't there. I have asked a few people, but with no result.'

So, was your piece of cake extraordinarily tough? Did Ed throw it away accidentally and is trying to keep his marriage intact by passing the blame? Or have you got it and are ashamed to admit it? If the latter, wrap it in plain paper and drop it off at my house.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway, enough about cake tins. To evangelism with all haste.

This Sunday afternoon sees a great chance to invite friends and neighbours to join us for a walk to tea. Sue Watts says:

'Sunday 22nd May. Meet at 30 Cherrington Road at 2.30. Trevor will lead a non-strenuous walk (mostly grassy tracks with a minimum of mud). An ideal opportunity to invite others to get to know us. We will return to Pauline and Martin's home for tea and cakes. Queries, or to let us know you are coming and to ensure enough cakes, contact Pauline or Sue, or use the contact us link.'

But first there is our morning service with Frances preaching on Deuteronomy 5 and special guest input about Christian Surfers from International Director Brett Davis. Ed's our MC for the day. Golden Valley School will be rocking at 1015. Come early for a front seat.

Before even that I remind you that Friday night May 20th is Café Create with music from Calverley/Wood, Rachel Coulson and Atlum Schema. If anyone can do a shift behind the bar that would be brilliant as lots of the usual helpers are away.

Our all-age service on June 5th will be café style and Esther is looking for volunteers to be table-supervisors (to help the children along). See her if you can help please.

See you on Sunday.


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Weekly News for 15th May

Dear Trendlewoodians,

The four year old girl I baptised at Tickenham last Sunday morning was kind enough to say, loud enough for everyone to hear, 'Can we go home now?' This was in the middle of my talk. Ah bless. Please pray for Christ Church and Tickenham. They are not finding it easy to recruit a new Rector and the Associate Vicar makes people want to go home early.

At Trendlewood this Sunday we will continue our look at the key Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. I will be speaking as we read 4:1-14 and continue the theme of listening to God. It will be our monthly communion service. Esther will be leading us.

I love the way the pastoral care in our church extends to providing meals for folk who are struggling. We have decided that it might be most helpful to establish a 'frozen food bank' so that we can be flexible in our support of any in need. If people could, when they have time and capacity, make 2 person portions in food trays and label precisely what is within, Esther will be happy to store them in her freezer and deliver as appropriate. This also avoids the burden of returning plates etc. which could become significant over a period of six months.

Our next social event is:

Walk to tea.

Sunday 22nd May. Meet at 30 Cherrington Road. Trevor will lead a non-strenuous walk. We will return to Pauline and Martin's home for tea and cakes.

Queries, or to let us know you are coming [to ensure enough cakes!] contact. Pauline 854487 / or Sue 464506 /

Thinking ahead to our Trendlewood weekend Mark tells me that for a few pounds extra we can enjoy a Sunday lunch. We have enough money in the kitty to cover some of the cost but anticipate the need to take an offering to cover the balance - we're talking of about £4 - £5 per person. Hope that is OK. It will be nice to end our weekend by sitting down to a meal together.

There will be no service at Golden Valley that day (Sunday 26/6)

See you on Sunday.


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Weekly News for May 1st

Hello everyone. There's nothing like a week with two bank holidays in to cheer many people up.

Thanks to everyone who set up amazingly quickly for our Easter service last Sunday. Many of you may never have known that we were locked out until 9.55 a.m. due to a problem with the front door alarm. Our new venue may well give us some teething troubles. Pray and be patient is all I can suggest.

This coming Sunday will be our first opportunity to do our children's work so we will have classrooms to set up too. Thanks to our leaders of Young People, Lighthouse, Torches and Candles for all they do.

In our main services this term we will be looking at the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. I'll be kicking us off on Sunday with a bit of back story and overview. We'll read the first half of chapter one. Deuteronomy comes from two separate words meaning 'second law.' It's the story of Moses, on the brink of taking the promised land, adding detail to the laws previously set out. In chapter five we will find the Ten Commandments again.

Saturday week we have the first of our Trendlewood men's breakfasts at Trevor Watts's place. I gather it might be a barbecue breakfast. Fascinating.

See you Sunday. Enjoy the wedding.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sermon

Trendlewood Easter Sunday 24/4/11

Matthew 28:1-10

The End - Resurrection Joy with God's Special Effects

Who has been on a scary ride at a theme park?

Tell us about it. What did you have to do?

Matthew. The gospel writer we have been following for the last few months, has been taking us on an amazing ride. It's the 'Following Jesus' ride.

You've been up mountains, out in the desert, in towns and the countryside and you've met scary people, leper colonies, even dead people. Most frightening of all, the one the car was following, Jesus, has been killed. Executed. It's been a zombie terror ride.

The last bit is the most exciting and if you're really brave you'll do it with your hands in the air. You know it's coming to the end because it's getting fast and downhill. Your heart is in your mouth.

(Everyone needs to join in the actions)

Strap yourself in.

1. Earthquake (tremble)

2. Scary angel (be terrified)

3. Your car is heading straight for a big rock with two guards. It looks as if you're going to crash into the rock (everyone duck)

4. The guards fall down out of the way as if dead. A big booming voice says 'this is the wrong place' and the car swings right round to the right, then the left, then the right again and you have to hang on to stop falling out.

6. The big voice says 'faster' and you speed up, your hair blowing backwards. You're pressed against your seat.

7. At the bottom of the steepest bit so far it turns sharply left then right and there is Jesus, the one who was dead, saying 'Don't be afraid.'

You've seen a ghost. You scream.

Well that is a way to remember Matthew's version of the Easter message.

Shall we do it again faster?

Hands in the air
Scary angel
Duck from the guards and the rock
Turn round to go to the right place, right, left, right
Faster, faster, faster
See a ghost.

Then the car slows, and comes out into the sunlight and the attendant says, 'If you've had a good time please tell others.' It's been the best ride of your life yet there are no queues to get in. There isn't even a height restriction notice.

The trouble with the Jesus ride is this. It's just too frightening for most people to do it.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Publicity about our Move

So far we have managed to deliver leaflets to every house on Trendlewood, appeared in the Golden Valley School end of term newsletter, got on to page three in the Nailsea Times and been given a good slot on the Nailsea people web-site. A press photographer is attending our first service at Golden Valley on Sunday to take a photo just before we begin. Well done everyone. St

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Weekly News 17th April

Well here we go then. After twenty one years at St Francis School we start a new phase of the adventure that is Trendlewood. Golden Valley will be our new home from this Sunday, Palm Sunday, the twenty-second anniversary of Trendlewood Church being planted. Go to Trendleblog to see a picture of our sign on a new wall.

As we prayed and recalled last Sunday, St Francis School is full of Trendlewood memories, soaked into the paintwork and in every nook and cranny. We have prayed, thanked and left them behind. We need to start inhabiting Golden Valley with our new experiences.

And here's a thing. If the publicity and word-of-mouth invitations have achieved anything then we will be joined by people who know nothing of our history. Their knowledge of Trendlewood Church will always and only be Golden Valley.

Every time I say Golden Valley I find myself humming an old song about there being peace in the valley tomorrow.I pray so.

This Sunday the Bishop of Bath and Wells joins us, to licence us officially and to preach. We will be using a theme of 'Journey,' reminding ourselves of Jesus' journey into Jerusalem from Matthew 21:1-11 and our journey into faith. Michelle will be leading us on a big day for her as she and Tim will celebrate the gift of their son Josiah at a thanksgiving service later on in the afternoon. I'll be leading worship. After the service we'll have coffee as usual but then a shared lunch at 1230.

Thanks to all who have delivered leaflets this week. It was a real team effort.

If you have anything to set up then there is a chance to do it at the school on Saturday evening at 6.00 p.m. A few of us will be there to work out how the chairs should go, where the band should stand and other stuff like that.

One really practical prayer. We have ordered two new water boilers. They were promised on 48 hour delivery on Monday but haven't come yet. Pray them in please.

We have a new website at Give it a look and tell Mark Austin if you see any errors or omissions.

We then head into Holy Week and Easter. I'll be preaching and presiding at a Maundy Thursday communion in Christ Church at 8.00 p.m. Then there is an all-age Good Friday service at Holy Trinity at 1030 and I'll be leading an hour of music, readings, prayers and silence from 2.00 - 3.00 at Holy Trinity.

But before that, and more than usual, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Shalom (we'll need it)


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter Countdown

Courtesy of our friends at Damaris there will be daily videos on this site from Palm Sunday onwards until Easter Sunday.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trendlewood Church on the Move

But churches don't move?

Quite right. Church buildings don't. If a church has its own building it is pretty much stuck where it is. But Trendlewood Church, founded by Holy Trinity, Nailsea in 1989, has never had its own building. It has met in a pub, people's houses and St Francis' School. It is about people, not a building.

So where are you going?

From Palm Sunday, April 17th 2011, Trendlewood Church will be meeting at Golden Valley School, Nailsea Park.

Obvious question, but why?

As part of the wider Trinity Project the church wants to place itself at the heart of the local community. Golden Valley school meets our developing accommodation needs. It will enable us to grow relationships in a new part of the town.

What sort of a church are you?

We'll be putting a leaflet through everyone's door in the local area soon saying we are: Modern, lively and Church of England Trying to use words everyone can understand Relaxed - come in your casual clothes Family-friendly - kids and babies welcome Makers of great coffee

Will there be a party?

The Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Right Reverend Peter Price, will be joining us for an all-age celebration and to bless this new phase of the church's life. This will be followed by a shared lunch.

What time do you start?

Trendlewood Church meets at 1015 every Sunday morning.

Can anyone come?

Sure. Pop along and say hello. We promise a warm welcome. If you want further information contact the Reverend Steve Tilley on 01275 543332 or

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Weekly News Sunday 3rd April

Dear Trendlewood, I seem to be emailing really late this week. Not enough week left at the end of the work. I've just enjoyed the company of eleven folk on a Quiet Day here and then fourteen of our twenty-somethings left about half an hour ago. As ever I was mercilessly grilled - this time on the terminology of ministry in the Church of England. They are a lively bunch and eat for England. This Sunday sees our Trendlewood young people lead the service and it will be cafe style. It will also be Mothering Sunday and I will be speaking on Matthew 20:20-28 when a mother makes a particularly interesting request of Jesus. Mark asks me to remind any who owe money for the Trendlewood weekend that it is now due. Can he have it this Sunday please? If for any reason money is a problem do have a confidential chat with me and I'll see if the church can help. Following my request for people to organise extra prayer to do with our move to Golden Valley, Liz has offered to host a prayer time at our house next Tuesday, 5th April at 7.45 for an hour. For any who don't know yet, Esther has heard that she has been accepted to train for ordination. Massive hooray. For some reason every time I try to edit this piece the paragraph breaks disappear. Annoying but no time to explore quite why. Hope you can cope. Short and sweet this week. See you Sunday. St